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How to make a Wetland diorama

Wetlands Diorama Project

Make your own wetlands diorama with printable background, animals, mangrove trees and plants.   Easy to make with detailed instructions.  You can trim the background and make a wetlands diorama shoebox or make a file folder habitat play set. The animals of the Florida Everglades are featured in this beautiful wetland diorama project.  Take a closer look below.

1. Print your diorama

Print out the pages of the wetlands diorama template and cut out the pieces.

Printable Wetlands Diorama Project

If you prefer, print out the black and white diorama template and color in the background, base, animals and mangrove trees.

printable wetlands diorama template

2. make the printable diorama background & base

Glue together the panels that create the printable diorama backdrop and base.

Printable diorama background Wetlands

3. Make the Mangrove trees, plants and logs

Cut out the mangrove trees, logs, plants and rocks and place them on the habitat set.

printable wetlands diorama project

4. Add the Wetland animals

Fold and glue the animals, add them to the habitat and you have your own beautiful Florida Everglades wetland diorama!

Wetlands Diorama Craft

You can make a box diorama by trimming the background and base to the size of your box and gluing the trees, plants and animals into the scene.  If you have a smaller box, print the pieces out at a smaller size.

You can also make this as a file folder diorama or animal habitat craft.

Have fun making your wetlands animal habitat!

How to make a Wetlands Diorama

Detailed and easy to follow instructions show you how to make a wetlands diorama with ease and enjoyment!

5. Research the animals of the Florida Everglades

Once the diorama is made, kids can enjoy researching the many species of animals that live in the wetland biome.  The printable diorama set includes the following animals of the Florida Everglades:

- Alligator

- Box turtle

- Copperhead snake

- Opossum

- Heron (water bird)

- Roseate Spoonbill Bird

- Frog

- Newt

- Florida panther

- Wood duck

- Otter

- Anhinga ( darter / snakebird )

- Butterfly and dragonfly on plant

- plus Mangrove trees and plant life.

How to make a wetlands diorama

Anhinga (darter / snakebird) catching a fish in the swamp.

6. Environmental issues and the coral reef biome

A section of reef showing signs of coral bleaching is included. (Caused by rising water temperatures due to climate change / global warming, the bleaching is a major environmental issue for the reef.)

frog in a swamp diorama

A frog sitting on a lilypad in the swamp.

Video of 'Go Wild with Paper's' wetland habitat diorama.

printable wetlands diorama project

Animals in the waters of the wetland biome.

Alligator in swamp diorama
Alligator in Everglades diorama

Alligator can hide in the water of the swamp.

The alligator is hiding in the swampy waters while dragonflies buzz among the grasses.  A variety of beautiful Florida bird life are enjoying the waters.  The wetland biome is home to a box turtle, swimming among the mangrove trees and a Florida panther who's keeping an eye on a heron.  An opossum and an otter play on a log and a frog sits happily on a lilypad.  A peaceful day in the Everglades!  Make a diorama with this fun and easy animal habitat craft template.

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