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How to make a coral reef diorama

coral reef diorama

The amazing Australian Great Barrier Reef is featured in this colorful coral reef diorama.  The colorful fish swim through the vibrant underwater scene.  Many different types and species of coral are featured, making a stunning display.

1. Print your diorama

Print out the pages of the coral reef diorama template and cut out the pieces.

printable coral reef diorama pages

If you prefer, print out the black and white diorama template and color in the background, base, animals and coral.

printable reef diorama.jpg

2. make the diorama background and base

Glue together the panels that create the diorama backdrop and base.

printable coral reef diorama background

3. Make the coral panels

Fold and glue the panels featuring the many species of coral and place them on the diorama set.

printable coral reef diorama

4. Add the colorful fish

Fold and glue the fish and sea creatures and add them to the set and you have your own beautiful Australian Great Barrier Reef diorama!

coral reef diorama

You can make a box diorama by trimming the background and base to the size of your box and gluing the coral, fish and sea creatures into the scene.  If you have a smaller box, print the pieces out at a smaller size.

You can also make this as a file folder diorama.

Have fun making your coral reef diorama!

5. Research the fish and coral species

Once the diorama is made, kids can enjoy researching the many types and species of coral and fish that live in the reef biome.  The printable diorama set includes the following fish and sea creatures:

- Coral Cod Fish

- Dolphins

- Redfin Anthias

- Beaked Coralfish

- Multi Barred Angelfish

- Sea Star

- Moray Eel

- Moorish Idol

- Clown Anemone Fish

- Palette Surgeonfish

- Squarespot Anthias

- Ribbon Eel

- Emperor Angelfish

- Flame Angelfish

- Floor Anemones

- Many different types of corals are depicted.


6. Environmental issues and the coral reef biome

A section of reef showing signs of coral bleaching is included. (Caused by rising water temperatures due to climate change / global warming, the bleaching is a major environmental issue for the reef.)

coral bleaching.jpg
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