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How to make a TUNDRA diorama

Tundra habitat diorama project

Make your own beautiful Arctic tundra diorama with this easy to make printable template.  Includes  a variety of North American Arctic land animals, 3D rocks, and delightful tundra background scenery.  An Alaskan dall sheep keeps lookout on top of one of the 3D rocks while a pair of harlequin ducks swim close to shore. The tundra swan flies high overhead watching the Arctic wolf and the wolverine below.

1. Print your Diorama Template

Print out the pages of the Arctic tundra diorama template and cut out the pieces.

Arctic Tundra Diorama Project.jpg

If you prefer, print out the black and white diorama template and color in the Arctic background, base, animals and rocks.

Arctic diorama craft.jpg

2. make the diorama background and base

Glue together the panels that create the Arctic diorama backdrop and base.

Arctic Tundra Diorama Background.jpg

3. Make the 3D papercraft rocks

Fold and glue the 3D rocks and place them on the tundra diorama set.

How to make an Arctic Tundra diorama.jpg

4. Add the Arctic animals

Fold and glue the papercraft Arctic animals and add them to the set and you have your own beautiful Arctic tundra diorama!

Animals that live in the Arctic Tundra.j

You can make a box diorama by trimming the background and base to the size of your box and gluing the and animals into the scene.  If you have a smaller box, print the pieces out at a smaller size.

You can also make this as a file folder diorama.

Have fun making your Arctic animal habitat diorama! 


Looking for different animal habitat diorama ideas?  We have many beautiful printable diorama templates to choose from!  Click here to view more!

5. Research the animals that live on the arctic tundra

Once the diorama is made, kids can enjoy researching the animals that live in the Arctic habitat biome.  The printable diorama set includes the following North American animals:

- barnacle goose

- wolverine

- lynx

- Alaska dall sheep

- musk ox

- tundra swan

- ptarmigan bird

- harlequin duck (male and female)

- Arctic tern

- ermine

- Arctic wolf

- also includes bushes, wildflowers, grass and 3D rocks.

Arctic Tundra Animal Habitat.jpg
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